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About us

Hi! We're Clare, Dejan and Tom.

After a decade of working with big food retailers and producers, which favour mass-produced food at the expense of our health and the environment, we asked ourselves, how can we democratise the amazing food made by smaller producers that you can’t find in supermarkets? 

We built Bulkify - a platform for buying sustainable food directly from indie producers at unbeatable prices, achieved by crowdsourcing nearby neighbourhood orders so everyone benefits from bulk discounts!



★★★★★ Outstanding!

“Bulkify has a knack for finding outstanding artisanal products
and never disappoints!
Not only have you created a great concept, but you’ve also created a community!”

Sarah from Golders Green

★★★★★ Amazing!

“Hi. I’ve opened the Balsamic and it’s absolutely amazing. Thanks!"
Priya from Hampstead

★★★★★ Wonderful!

“I trust your judgement after all the wonderful goodies you’ve introduced me too :)” 
Sara from Finchley

★★★★★ Fantastic!

“It is fantastic olive oil and can’t wait to have more. Thanks again” Anthony from Golders Green